Studio X Dance is committed to providing safe, quality services focused on teaching athlete’s solid fundamentals in dance and acrobatics for all ages and abilities in Western Australia.  Our coaching program is designed to help our athletes discover their own abilities through high-quality instruction in a fun, disciplined environment while working as a team to achieve success.  Our goal is to help create strong independent leaders who will be able to apply their learning and work ethic to experiences throughout their life and future leadership roles.


X-League represents both Studio X Dance and Toxic Cheer and offers athletes both cheerleading and dance programs at capped fees across both disciplines inclusive.  You will only be charged capped fees once ($625 per term) if your child participates in both/either cheer and dance at 5+ hours.  Additional costs are incurred with costumes, uniform, workshops, competition entries etc.  Capped fees cover the cost of tuition only.

Would you like to try cheerleading?  Check out our partner Toxic Cheer here.

Toxic Cheer